Gmail Ads

Are you missing an important ingredient in marketing?

Gmail marketing is considered an important ingredient of digital marketing.

Gmail Ads

Are you missing an important ingredient in marketing?

Create content, operate your business, manage your audience and data, and monetize your site—all from the Organic Platform.

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What does Gmail Ads Look Like?

Gmail ads are a form of expandable ads. The collapsed ad version displays just as a regular email would, with a subject line and a brief description. The only difference lies in a collapsed Gmail ad and a regular email is the “Ad” text indicator next to the Gmail ads. Once clicked, it expands to show the full ad, which looks similar to an email blast, with images, text, advertiser info, a call-to-action, and buttons allowing customers to save the ad or forward it.

How are Gmail Ads Delivered?

Gmail ads allow advertisers to both find new customers and retarget customers with whom they have already engaged.

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Why choose Gmail Ads?

Discover all the ways in which you can customize your email ads to fit your brand’s image while also saving time, money, and effort. From making quick adjustements to generating numerous variations, or animating your banner in seconds, our features make the process easier for you every step of the way.

Their ideal for generating cost-effective conversions

Use the Brand Kit to keep all your visual assets like logos and fonts in one place so that you and your team can always access them directly from your workspace.

Their creative format is customizable

Save time, money, and effort by updating your email ads in real-time without stopping your ongoing campaigns.

Their cost per click (CPC) is relatively low

Work and communicate with your team more efficiently by adding them to your group and giving feedback to each other through the comments section.

They have robust targeting options

Generate multiple email banner designs in the same time within seconds with just the click of a button, without having to edit them one by one.

Stock library

Make your job easier with unique and professionally looking stock photos that fit your artistic vision and invite your audience to learn more about your business.

Endless creative variations

Take advantage of the Feed Ad Builder to instantly create several versions of your email ads with the help of a single CSV file.