Organic SEO vs Social Media Marketing: Battle for Traffic


Getting SEO approach remains a massive task in itself, several times you are presented with plenty of options to expand your online business. Two of the most notable online marketing techniques are Organic Search Engine Optimization and Social Media Marketing.
Furthermore, we will discuss some facts that will increase your understanding concepts on both the topics and help you to expand them more effectively to provide huge benefits to your business.

According to recent research, it was discovered that the full potential of SEO can’t be achievable without providing Social Media. They generally focused on blogs that can easily be placed through SEO blogs in terms of absolute numbers since they have a targeted set of social media audiences.

Their integration with popular social sites means that getting a loyal readership is not too difficult for these websites and blogs. Although it should be kept in mind that getting social media marketing needs some trickery and savviness. The general tendency of a social media user is to like or share content, to make him/her click on your links you need engaging titles and short descriptions that generate interest and prompt a click.

An interesting fact that we found in our research is the role played by social media marketing focused websites in organic search. The top search results consistently ranked Social Media Marketing focused content at the top. This in part confirms our assertion at the beginning that Social Media Marketing plays an important role in realizing the potential of SEO.

Secondly, taking a look at the SEO optimized marketing blogs and websites; our research churned out high traffic for SEO marketing content with a higher number of backlinks and referring domains. Which is in tune with all the research available about the importance of quality links in your content.

However, one thing that stood out was the number of backlinks being generated for marketing SEO through Social Media Marketing content. It seems that social media marketing content is essential in providing visibility to your content online, which in turn helps SEO marketing blogs increase their following. And when SEO marketing content gains more visitors it ends up being shared more and more thus becoming an extended Social Media Marketing itself. Thus, although Social Media Marketing alone is not capable of influencing your search performance, it does provide a useful way to increase your ranking anyway by linking your SEO marketing content with the right audience.

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